Adrian Suzuka

The Phoenix

Home World: Zalera | Data Center: Crystal


Race | Rava Viera
Age | Unknown, assumed 37
Nameday | Unknown
Heritage | Golmore Jungle
Gender | They/Them, Transmasc
Orientation | Homoromantic Asexual
Marital Status | Monogamous, Married Felore Soleil
Height | 5 fulms 6 ilms
Occupation | Doctor and Weaver
Hobbies | Baking, Dancing, Weaving, Reading, Painting, Jewelry, Herbology, Gardening, Sun Bathing
Skills | Healing, Trauma Surgery, Aetherology, Witchcraft
Tools | Staff, Chakrams, Daggers
Residence | Shirogane and Ul'dah
Patron Deity | Suzaku-kami
Alignment | Chaotic Neutral
Affiliations | The White Lotus Inn, The Doman Enclave
Family | Valka Rosewood (sister)
Cassiopeia Soleil (daughter)
Orionus Soleil (son)
Olleria (birth-mother)

First Look || Adrian is very small for a Viera, with the only muscle they bear seeming to be in their hips and legs. Surprisingly, they speak in a thick Doman accent and know nothing of Golmore or Vieran ways. They do not look strong and do not keep armor or weapons on their person. A lovely face is kept in a neutral mask around strangers and often they gravitate towards the calm and quiet side of crowds. It is difficult to tell their gender and one would even find it oddly hard to remember the exact details of their face once they turn away. They always have golden makeup on their eyes, dusted over their cheekbones, and painted onto their lips. Glittering jewelry drips from every finger, their wrists, their ears, their neck- they hoard jewelry and shiny things like a raven. Recently they have cut their hair short, their face now sweetly cupped by wild red curls that fall over bright golden eyes.To Those Who Can See || Adrian's aether is a burning flame framed by phoenix feathers. They barely seem to be human at all in fact and burning wings hide just under their skin. Their golden eyes are bright and glow with swirls of fire. They seem to know every emotion and mental state of the people in the room.Personality || Adrian is a good host to the White Lotus, but in private leans to being quiet and observant. They can be very blunt and don't seem to know how to filter what they're thinking. Around their close friends and family their vivacious, sillier personality comes out. They are calm in a crisis, but will sooner run from a fight then stick around.


Skyler or Nox
28 | They/Them, Non-Binary
PST Timezone

■ I do not interact with people who use fetish, TERF, or racist language IC or OOC and I have zero tolerance for this behavior.■ I prefer in-game rp but can do discord in special cases. You can reach out on DnD status, I just won't respond until I can.■ Separation of IC and OOC is very important to me. I expect my RP partners to understand IC consequences and that my character will not act untrue to their nature for a specific outcome in a scene.■ That said: I'm big on OOC communication. We're humans behind the screen and you're not destroying my immersion by checking in if you're unsure of something.■ Please do not assault my character without OOC communication first.■ RP time is my hobby time and my goal is for it to be fun for everyone involved.■ My IRL is busy so I need to plan and schedule RP scenes in advance. Reach out anytime if you have an idea.■ I'm not comfortable writing with players or characters under the age of 21 due to the emotional maturity needed for the themes I prefer to write.

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■ Other Othard OCS■ Venue Rp■ ERP/Romance
■ Aether and Magic■ Sensitive Topics■ Harm to Children
■ Adventure and Battle■ Mature Elements■ Nonconsensual Anything
■ Healing Rp  
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Do You Need Healing?
Adrian is a doctor first and foremost and will drop everything to go and care for their patients. They are known to do a lot of blackmarket healing. This allows pirates and other individuals to get medical attention without any official state paperwork. Their work seems to be a mixture of practical chirurgeon mending and aetherical. The raw White magic they use is unmistakable for a White Mage.
The Scarlet Tailfeathers
A new premier tailors shop has opened on the streets of the Kugane Dori and Adrian is the master weaver behind the latest fashions. They have studied in Ul'dah, Thavnair, and Doma to curate the best techniques and have a lot of pride in their work. The shop smells shiny and new and Adrian is eager to take on clients, with a soft spot for any queer and trans people looking for clothes that fit them just right.
Card Readings
Adrian has a deck of tarot cards and is happy to read your fortune- for a price. They also offer a variety of spells and charms that can offer you protection.
Need Something Tasty?
Adrian is the Head of Staff for the White Lotus Inn. If you ever come by, this Viera is often observing the meals being cooked in the kitchens. They'll be happy to feed you and talk about technique. No one is ever allowed to leave the White Lotus hungry.
Phoenix Dancer
Adrian once danced for a famous shrine to Suzaku in Doma. It could be that you have once seen them dance.
Bloody Reputation
Adrian's time on the high seas was not a quiet one. They worked for a pirate crew as the ship doctor and were known for their brutal defenses and unforgiving hand to many. If you're a pirate or a person of the high seas than you could have heard of them or been treated by them.